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We Florida Financial has partnered with Consolidated Credit and KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) to help you and your family get financially fit. As a We Florida Financial member, you have free access to unlimited tools, resources and in-person coaching to help you build and maintain financial stability.

  • Financial publications and articles
  • Educational videos
  • Webinars and interactive courses
  • Financial coaching to help you rebuild or maintain your credit        
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KOFE is a service of Consolidated Credit, located in Broward County and available to serve you by phone or in-person. Visit KOFE online to find a wealth of free educational content, videos, books, calculators and even live chat with a KOFE Financial Coach. To schedule a free telephone or in-person session with a Financial Coach, call KOFE at 866-243-1904.

To register on the KOFE web site and access educational content, click the Register link at the bottom of the page, then use Registration Code weflorida on the next page.


January 13th,   1 PM EST
Recovering from the Holidays: A New Year with No Debt
– How to rebuild your finances after a difficult 2020


February 10th,   1 PM EST  
What Is the Best Debt Solution for Me?
– You have three powerful options. Here’s how to tell which one will work best


March 10th,   1 PM EST
Income Tax Advice from the Experts
– There are legitimate – and easy – ways to spend less on your taxes


April 14th,   1 PM EST
Code Red RX: How to Survive Financial Stress
– Money problems can quickly become health problems. Here’s how to stay financially fit


May 12th,   1 PM EST
The Weather and Your Wallet
– Don’t let natural disasters destroy your life or your finances


June 9th,   1 PM EST
Buy or Rent: Which Is Best for You?
– This is your biggest financial decision, so listen to the experts


July 14th,   1 PM EST
Free Yourself from Student Loans Debt
– Don’t let college costs from long ago ruin your future


August 11th,   1 PM EST
How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Money Mistakes
– You can save big by doing very little — and sometimes nothing


September 8th,   1 PM EST
Marriage and Money: Till Debt Do Us Part
– Learn how to say “I do” to saving as a couple


October 13th,   1 PM EST
2021 Holiday $urvival Guide
– How to save during the holidays without looking like the Grinch


November 10th,   1 PM EST
Helping Those Who Serve: First Responders and the Military
– They keep us physically safe, so let’s keep them financially safe


December 8th,   1 PM EST
Making the Most of the Gig Economy
– How to set up a second income stream without cramping your lifestyle

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