Youth Programs

Kirby-OvalThe Kirby Kangaroo Club is a great place for kids to read about Kirby's adventures, play cool games online, and even submit their favorite joke. Plus, kids can download and print coloring pages of Kirby. Children in the Kirby Kangaroo Club also receive a quarterly newsletter addressed to them. 

The Kirby Kangaroo Club is only for children ages 5 - 12 with a Youth account at We Florida Financial.



ClaimYourYouth logo

Claim Your Youth helps teens establish and maintain financial independence.  It is designed to answer common finance questions that will give teens the ability to take control of their money, by sharing topics that are current and youthful.

Claim Your Youth is only for teens ages 13 - 18 with a Youth account at We Florida Financial.


Getting a Youth account is easy!  A parent or legal guardian must open the account for their son or daughter.