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The FAA's ADS-B Mandate - and What You Need to Do About It

The FAA's ADS-B Mandate - What You Need to Do

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is part of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) for air traffic control. It’s a satellite based system which allows pilots to see in the cockpit what air traffic controllers are seeing on the ground, including other aircraft and any potential hazards from weather or terrain. Pilots approaching airports will also be able to see the location of aircraft and support vehicles on the ground, and a collision avoidance system is in development.

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What You Should Know About Aircraft Financing

plane flying

The loan process for financing an airplane can be quite different than a car or boat. When you’ve decided it’s time to buy your first plane, it’s important to start the airplane loan process as prepared as possible. Lenders will look at more than just your credit history, they will want to assess the plane and the purpose for owning. Here are a few standard questions you might be asked during the process. Not all of these factors can be a determining factor in how much you are able to borrow.

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Thinking of becoming a pilot. Not sure? Take a “discovery flight.”

female pilot inside cockpit of aircraft

Lots of individuals dream of flying but never actually take a serious look at it. Taking the courses necessary to become a licensed pilot are offered by numerous flight schools all over America. Many flight schools offer “discovery flights” where you can actually take a short flight with an instructor.

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Aviation Flying Clubs: What are they?

airplane at airport

Many aspiring pilots are concerned with not only the cost of earning a private pilot’s license but once they acquire it, if they will be able to afford to fly. Owning a plane or just renting a plane is a very expensive hobby.

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Ever dream of being a commercial pilot?

Flight instructor explaining instruments to future pilot.

If you have, now is probably the best time to take that dream seriously. There is a shortage of pilots now and the shortage will increase dramatically in the coming years.

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