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Electronic banking is not a fad. It can truly simplify your life.

We are all live busy and hectic lives. If many of us could afford it, we would pay for a personal assistant to help with chores, run errands and keep us organized.  The good news is that as credit union members, we already have a right-hand assistant. It’s called electronic banking.  And it’s free.

Electronic banking can minimize your stress and simplify your life. Recent events have caused even the most tech-resistant to take a second look and to make the proverbial leap of faith. Here are some of the ways that you can use these tools to streamline your money management and take control of your finances.

Sign up for direct deposit

Get your paycheck, pension and other payments sent directly to your account.  It’s safer, easier and more convenient than getting a mailed paper check which you then have to deposit into your account.  It’s also a way to automate savings, helping you to hit your fiscal goals a lot quicker.

Use online banking

Online banking at your credit union is the best of the items in your tool box.  With this single service you can see all your accounts, check balances and make transfers. With online banking’s bill pay, you can receive due date reminders, pay all bills from one location instead of logging into each biller’s site and even schedule recurring bills to be paid whenever you choose. No more forgetting a due date and no more late fees. You can also read educational articles, access a useful budget, pay a friend for lunch and get notification of balances.  Setting up is easy and it’s quick and free.

Get e-statements

Sign up for e-statements, and you will have one less chore to do.  No more piles of paper.  No more tedious filing. And no more waiting on the mail, wondering if your private information might go astray.  It’s another no-cost service that will liberate you from tedium.  

Make check deposits from your bed, or anywhere

Have a check to deposit? Don’t go to your branch. With mobile deposit, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Simply snap a picture of your check and follow the on-screen instructions.  It’s like magic. Except it’s not. Mobile deposit to your credit union account is accessible through the We Florida Financial mobile app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

So there you have it.  No more excuses.  We can all afford a personal assistant to simplify our lives.  It’s electronic banking and it’s free!

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