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How Regular Car Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Expensive Repairs

How Completing Regular Car Maintenance Can Protect Your Finances

If your car seems to be chugging along perfectly fine, why should you fork out the dough for service work? When this thought flows through your mind unabated, you could be setting yourself up for trouble in the future. Whether they are driven often or not, modern vehicles require regular maintenance to remain in optimal condition. If you neglect to complete timely maintenance, you could end up paying far more than you would have otherwise to fix whatever broke. To ensure you do not make this costly mistake, utilize this guide to better understand how regular car maintenance can prevent the need for extensive repairs.

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The Real Cost of Owning a Car

The real costs of owning a car

When people are considering purchasing a motor vehicle, they often focus on the sticker price. Even though nobody likes to go over budget and pay more than they have to for a vehicle, it is important to consider the actual cost of owning a car. In some cases, people might be able to afford the car’s sticker price but not be able to afford the additional costs that come with it. With this in mind, how can people figure out the actual cost of owning a car? What are some of the factors to consider? We Florida Financial has done some of the research for you.

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3 Reasons Why Credit Unions Offer Better Interest Rates on RV Loans in Florida

Family planning trip on RV.

If you've been dreaming about owning a recreational vehicle (RV) but you've been having difficulty finding a lender that offers reasonable interest rates, have you considered signing up for membership with a credit union? In Florida, one of the most trusted credit unions is We Florida Financial; so if you want better interest rates on RV loans in Florida, you shouldn't pass up the chance of becoming a member of this premier credit union.

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Top Reasons To Refinance Your Recreational Vehicle Loan

Camper Van Summer Trip. Scenic Landscape and the Recreational Vehicle.

If someone gave you $100 with no strings attached, you would it take it, wouldn’t you? Yet every year, thousands of boat and RV owners miss the chance to take home hundreds of dollars by choosing to refinance their loans at lower rates. There are plenty of reasons to refinance your recreational vehicle loan, but here are some of the best:

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Avoiding Flood Damaged Cars

cars in flood water during Hurricane Harvey

After the recent catastrophic storms in the southern United States, it is estimated that as many as 500,000 cars may have been flooded and seriously damaged.  A large percentage of these vehicles will find their way into the market for re-sale.

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Car Loans Through We Florida Financial

man leaning out of car window

Do you have your eye on a shiny new vehicle that would fit perfectly in your driveway? Or will you soon need a bigger car, an additional car for a new driver, or a more energy-efficient vehicle? Purchasing a car or truck is a big decision with many variables, and we’d like to alleviate worries about one of those variables: the car loan.

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Vehicle Refinancing with We Florida Financial

man working at laptop

When Should You Look into Vehicle Refinancing

First-time car owners aren't all the same. Some may spend plenty of time finding the best deal while others let down their guard and trust whatever financing the local dealership offers. If you've realized too late that you signed up for a bad deal, vehicle refinancing can give you some breathing room in your budget and extra savings in your wallet.

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Car Loans: What Lenders Look For

pedestrians in city square

Increasing Your Approval Rate for Car Loans

When shopping for car loans, you may be wondering how different lenders come up with a range of rates for you. While they may have their own formulas and calculations, they are generally guided by the three C’s: collateral, capacity to repay, and credit history.

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The Best Financial Tips For Buying a Car

woman relaxing on couch with laptop

Spring is a popular time to upgrade your car and enjoy driving something different. We Florida Financial wants to guide you toward making the perfect car purchase with these easy tips!

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Car Financing: What Are Your Options?

couple taking a break in the hatchback of their car

Alternative Car Financing: Why Credit Unions are Your Friends

The excitement of driving home in your dream car can muddle your financial decisions. As a result, making a smart car financing decision before you buy your car is often thrown to the back burner. Dealerships know this all too well and use it to their advantage, offering loans that seem too good to be true.

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Vehicle Refinancing: Get A Better Deal

woman at laptop with family

When Should You Consider Vehicle Refinancing?

Vehicle refinancing is an easy way to lower your monthly car payment while getting a little extra cash for your budget. At We Florida Financial, you can lower your interest rate by 1% or more and get a cash bonus of up to $250.

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Car Loans in Florida: Lower Rates from a Credit Union

person working at tablet with smartphone

Car Loans with Lower Interest Rates at We Florida Financial

When it comes to car loans borrowers usually turn to their banks or the car dealer for financing. But did you know that an auto loan from a credit union provides more long-term benefits?

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AutoBranch 10th Anniversary

man driving

The AutoBranch just recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. Originally conceived as a no-hassle alternative to the typically stressful car-buying experience, the AutoBranch has developed over the years into a wonderful resource for credit union members

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Celebrating Ten Years with AutoBranch

Auto Branch 10th Anniversary

CCCU employees gathered on a Wednesday evening in November to celebrate a very special milestone: ten years partnering with the AutoBranch, the car dealership for credit union members.

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