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Planning for a Baby

baby sleeping in a nest surrounded by feathers

When my husband and I got engaged, my mother begged us to have a short engagement and skip right to the business of giving her a grandchild. When we bought our house, my mother-in-law gave us a crib as a house warming gift since she figured we’d need it someday. They certainly weren’t subtle with their desire for a grandchild, but we knew that deciding to have a baby wasn’t a decision to take lightly. So we started planning well before there was even a bun in the oven.

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Unifest 2013


Picture this. Picture this. A perfect South Florida Day. The sweet smell of jerked chicken and roast corn. The tinkle of ice cubes swirling around in cups of coconut water. The intoxicating sounds of reggae music stirring thoughts of Sunday afternoons on Caribbean beaches -- so near and yet so far.

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