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Whether you're a first-time home buyer, downsizing, trading up or refinancing your current mortgage, We Florida Financial can meet your home borrowing needs. We Florida Financial is one of the most trusted names in Florida mortgages and offers a variety of home loans, home equity loans, and other services to help you secure your future. We have mortgage lenders near you in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, and many other Florida counties.


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Mortgage Loans

We Florida Financial offers home loans to suit every kind of budget. We offer competitive interest rates, quick approvals, and other services that aim to make downsizing, trading up, or refinancing easier on your pocket. Whether you’re purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, this is the best place to start. If you need more information on home financing, our friendly mortgage loan officers will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We Florida Financial is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender.


Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Many consumers shy away from "ARM" loans because they may not quite understand the way they work. But if you prefer to keep payments lower during the first few years or if you plan to pay off your mortgage within the next 10 years, an adjustable-rate mortgage (also referred to as variable mortgage) may be right for you.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages, "ARMs", offer a lower starting interest rate fixed for a certain term and therefore, a lower monthly payment. Your rate and your payment may increase, though, as time goes on. 

First-Time Home Buyer

Don't delay your dreams; take the first step towards owning the home you've always wanted! As your credit union, we can help you achieve your home buying dreams in Florida.

Our first time home buyer program offers these benefits:

  • 3% down (Note: You may be required to pay private mortgage insurance, PMI, when making a down payment of less than 20 percent.)
  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • No Florida intangible tax
  • Fast closing

100% Financing Mortgage Loan - Homebuyer Advantage

For many people, coming up with cash for a down payment on a home purchase can be a bit daunting. If you're ready to move into a new home but haven't quite saved up enough funds, or you prefer to keep more cash in your pocket, we may have the perfect solution. 

The dream of homeownership is within reach with a Homebuyer Advantage loan. This program will allow qualified Members to finance the home of their dreams at 100% of the purchase.

Fixed-Rate Loans

Fixed-rate loans are one of the more popular options consumers tend to turn to when financing a mortgage. A fixed-rate home loan may be a good choice if you prefer the security of knowing your interest rate will not change, nor will your monthly principal and interest payment, or if you plan to stay in this home for several years. Principal and interest payment does not include taxes and insurance which may change over time."


Just10 Home Loan

Get into a new home now with a low down payment. We make it easy to purchase your dream home! Our Just10 Home Loan will allow you to finance a new home with just 10% down, unlike other financial institutions who sometimes require 20% down. You’ll be able to buy quicker and keep more money aside for home improvements or other expenses.

  • Low out-of-pocket expenses compared to 20% down
  • Good alternative for JUMBO loans
  • Lower payment
  • No PMI
  • Build equity faster
  • No Florida Intangible tax
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A mortgage, enables you to purchase a house without paying the full price out of pocket at the time of the purchase.

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Our automated account switching solution makes it easy for you to quickly and securely switch over your recurring direct deposits and automatic account payments.

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