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Owning your own aircraft is surprisingly easier than you may think. Whether it's for business or pleasure, co-owned or personal use, We fly is here to provide you with advice on which aircraft best suits your mission and the funds needed to start that journey.

We can also finance aircraft upgrades into the initial purchase. Loan amounts range from $61,000 to $1.5 Million.

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Aircraft Checklist

Aircraft Checklist

Make sure you’re equipped with all the tools you need before you buy.

The Aircraft Loan Process

  • Submit a completed application
  • Upon approval, locate an aircraft and submit an Aircraft Purchase/Sales Agreement or FAA Bill of Sale to We fly
  • Submit a work order for maintenance, avionics, new interior, new GPS, or aircraft engine overhaul (if financing aircraft upgrades)
  • The purchase agreement price and work order price are added together and the loan is based off of this sum.
  • We fly performs a full title search, evaluates the aircraft, and completes the underwriting process
  • We fly schedules a phone call or meeting with you to close the loan and arrange payment to the aircraft seller (and the maintenance company directly if financing aircraft upgrades)
  • We fly wires funds to the escrow agency and completes the aircraft registration with the FAA
  • We fly will verify completion of work on aircraft (if financing aircraft upgrades)

For small aircraft finance and refinance loan applications, the “Vehicle Mileage” field will equate to the aircraft’s total time on airframe (if known).

Aircraft Refinancing

Already have an aircraft? Check out our competitive rates for refinancing.


Maintain and ensure the longevity of your aircraft.

Flight Training

We make learning to fly easy with our flight training and pilot school loans.

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