Home Loans

Mortgage Loans

We Florida Financial offers home loans to suit every kind of budget. We offer competitive interest rates, quick approvals, and other services that aim to make downsizing, trading up, or refinancing easier on your pocket. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, this is the best place to start. If you need more information on home financing, our friendly mortgage loan officers will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Learn more.

First Time Home Buyer Program

Save on your home purchase with the First-time Home Buyer Program. We Florida Financial can help you get your dream house in Florida with just a 3% down payment, a fixed-rate mortgage, zero Florida intangible tax, and fast closing. Our goal is to help first-time home buyers get the house they want, when they want it, with a manageable payment.

Home Equity Loans

If you want to tap into the equity in your home, check with We Florida Financial first. You have two home equity options: the Home Equity Line of Credit, which can be used for educational expenses, home improvement, etc.; and the Home Equity Loan, which you can use for debt consolidation, big-ticket items, or to pay off any existing mortgage. All of our home equity loans feature fast closing, competitive rates, and no closing costs.* Learn more.

*Estimate of customary fees imposed/charged by 3rd parties is up to $1,500; the credit union pays these costs provided the loan is not paid off within 24 months.

Ultimate Home Loan

Pay off your mortgage with the Ultimate Home Loan. Imagine being mortgage-free within a few years! The Ultimate Home Loan is designed for We Florida Financial members who have solid equity and want to pay off their existing mortgage with a lower interest rate and shorter loan term. Paying off your mortgage sooner translates into savings for you—money that can be used for home improvement, education, important life events, or travel.