A Club Just For You

Club Savings Account

Want to save for the holidays or a special vacation? Then a Club Account is right for you. The account pays dividends and can be set up with automated transfers or payroll deductions. All you need to do is open a Club Account and make regular deposits throughout the year.


Zero Balance

No opening balance is required to open an account.

Zero Fees

No maintenance or monthly service fees on the account.

Zero Worry

The entire balance is available when you need it.

Club Savings Account

  • Special savings account for planned expenses
  • An easy way to put aside money to prepare for things such as holidays, taxes, or vacation
  • A savings account dedicated to a specific goal
Minimum to Open
Minimum Balance
Dividend Rate
Personal Savings Account
Club Account

Rates effective 06/28/2022. 

Please contact a Credit Union employee or call us for further information about applicable fees and terms.

1APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the actual effective annual yield after the compounding of interest/dividends.

Minimum Balance to Earn Stated APY

Rates are subject to change without notice.  Some accounts require a specific minimum balance to earn interest.  Fees could reduce the earnings on an account.

Rate Information: The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a percentage rate that reflects the total amount of dividends or earnings to be paid on an account based on the rate and frequency of compounding for an annual period. For Savings Products, the dividend rate and APY may change monthly as determined by the Credit Union's Board of Directors. 

Nature of Dividends: Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period.

Compounding and Crediting: The compounding and crediting of dividends to each account type are set forth in this schedule. The dividend period is the period at the end of which an account earns dividend credit. Generally, the period begins on the first calendar day of each month and ends on the last calendar day of the same month.  

Accrual: For Savings Products, dividends will begin to accrue on non-cash deposits (e.g. checks) on the business day you make the deposit to your account. If you close your account before accrued earnings are credited, accrued earnings will not be paid.

Balance Information: The par value of a savings share in the credit union is $5. The minimum balance requirements applicable to each account type are set forth in this schedule. For Savings Products, there is a minimum average daily balance required to obtain the stated APY for the dividend period. If the minimum average daily balance is not met, you will not earn the stated APY. 

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