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What you might not know about your credit union.

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You might already be a credit union member or perhaps someone who has thought of joining one. But how much do you really know about credit unions? Here are a few interesting facts to consider.

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How much of your income should you save?

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Your ideal savings rate depends on your goals and when you want to reach them. Are you saving for retirement? A vacation? Creating an emergency fund? There are also a variety of circumstances that can affect how much you should save. We’re going to breakdown the savings timelines and factors that go into figuring out how much to save and when.

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What are CDs and IRAs?

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Are you thinking about investing but aren’t sure where to begin? CDs and IRAs are a good, low risk place to start. In this blog, we will explain just what these are and when it would be a good time to invest.

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Act Quickly if you Miss the April Tax Filing Deadline

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Although it might be hard to believe, the consequences of missing the April income tax filing deadline can be even more frustrating than completing the return in the first place.

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Tips to Keep You Safe During Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 29 - February 2, 2018

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It’s tax time! Have you ever considered that you could be at risk for tax identity theft? Tax identity theft occurs when a thief files a fraudulent tax return using your Social Security number and collects your refund. It also occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to earn wages and sticks you with the tax bill. Often, people do not realize they are the victim of tax identity theft until after the crime, when they try to file their taxes.

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Paying for School with We Florida Financial

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Are you ready for the new school year? Whether you are gearing up for new school supplies, planning to move to campus for freshman year, or entering grad school, you are most likely confronting the issue of how to pay for school. There are a variety of options when it comes to financing education. 

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Higher Education 101: Saving for College

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School is out and summer has begun. It’s a season of graduations and new beginnings for young people across the country. The financial burden of college is a popular topic among recent high school and college graduates. Even the most financially stable young adults find themselves seemingly overwhelmed with bills. Everyone seems to have some advice to give, but one of the simplest ways to successfully save for college is simple: stick to a plan.

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6 Financial Lessons to Teach Your Elementary-Aged Kids

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Kids have been back in school for nearly three months learning math, science, and history. Learning financial responsibility starts at home - and it’s a lesson best begun early. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are 6 lessons to teach your kids about money to help them become responsible adults.

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Lauderhill YMCA's College Tour

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One of my favorite things about working at City County Credit Union is the community events that we sponsor and participate in. This year we were able to sponsor the March 2014 Lauderhill YMCA’s college tour that motivates students to pursue higher education, assists with financial planning and introduces them to college campuses. As the first in my family to attend a large college institution, I am proud that CCCU recognizes the important work that the YMCA is generating.

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